Monday, August 16, 2010

More Thoughts on Advanced Training

Hi. I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the advanced training we'll be having in October. I know a lot of us enjoyed and appreciated the ways we were able to come together in the various Fundamentals of Mediation trainings we've held over the years. The sense of community and the joy of learning together was lovely.

I'm excited about the many opportunities I think this new series will present:

  • The chance to recreate some of that community with a new collection of smart, caring people.
  • The chance to hone our skills together as people who want to play a better role in responding to challenges conflict brings forward.
  • The chance to grow our mediation services in important ways.

By the end of the series, I'd like to have several "mediation gangs" formed.
These might include:

  • Folks who won't be doing formal mediation but want to be effective conflict resolvers at work and in our personal lives.
  • Those who want to focus on workplace mediation
  • Those who want to focus on mediation for couples and families
  • Those who want to focus on court related mediation.
  • ......and more.

I have a number of ideas and topics already in my head and expect to return from a national conference next month with even more. As usual, we'll do our best to reflect the interests and concerns that you bring to the training. I'm excited about this and hope you will be able to join us. I'd love for everyone to make all 4 sessions, of course. If you can only make 3, please come anyways.

In community,


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